The Impossible


I need to read again and again that “The Impossible” is a Spanish film. Despite the international cast (Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor) and its shooting in Thailand, Juan Antonio Bayona got Spanish money “to demonstrate that we are able to make spectacular films”. Without a doubt, it is. It’s one of that kind of titles I wanted to collect on my page as essential.

The film was shot during 25 weeks in Thailand and Spain and it needed a tank of 12 millions of litres of water, one of the biggest in the world, in “Ciudad de la Luz” (the city of light) in Alicante (Spain). 12 millions of litres!

Bayona’s second full length film -the first one was El orfanato– is a success thanks to the children who are the leading actors: Tom Holland (Lucas), Oaklee Pendergast (Simon) and Samuel Joslin (Thomas).

Thanks to Holland and Naomi Watts (playing María, the mother), “The Impossible” becomes a real event which convinces you from the beginning to the end, and suffocates you when the tsunami leaves them under the water; or when Watts is worried about the colour of her leg and asks her son again and again if her leg is black. These are some of several examples about the film.

Based on a real story, it’s one of the most realistic proofs of the catastrophic tsunami which took place in 2004. A stream of feelings: under the water, outside, at the hospital, plenty of families, children; in the confusion, disappointment, the search…

A real story of how one instant changes your life… Everything.



The new film tells the story of the tsunami and its aftermath from the point of view of Maria Belon (Naomi Watts), a Spanish doctor who was in Thailand with her husband and three children when the disaster occurred. Belon and her husband (played by Ewan McGregor) survived the deadly waves, but were separated from each other: Maria with the eldest child (Tom Holland, in a standout performance); her husband Henry with the two younger siblings. “The Impossible” is based on their true story, and recounts the family efforts to join together in the days following Dec. 26, 2004

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