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Two women forgotten/dismissed. An exquisite script and dialogues which seem to be written from the soul. Bitches of a notebook? That’s what  the director, Fernando León shows with a huge naturalness. A naturalness that was the same that dominated “Los lunes al sol” (Mondays in the sun), three years before, “Barrio” (1998),  “Familia” (1996) or “Amador” (2010).

An excellent soundtrack (Manu Chao, “Me llaman Calle”), daily sceneries, necessary dialogues, that you can imagine when you go to the hairdresser, or on your neighbourhood.

Candela Peña aces her role in the film. Her self-confidence, her impudence makes the real story. Don’t lose it. You won’t regret it.


This is the story of two women, of two bitches, of two princesses. One of them called Caye,  she is nearly 30 years old, her fringe being  from the hairdresser and having a refutable good looking. Zulema is a dismissed princess, sweet and dark who lives every day the forced exile of  desperation. When they met each other they are in different places, nearly in front of themselves; there are a lot of women whorelate with mistrust the arrival of foreign people to prostitution. Caye and Zulema don’t take a long time to realise that both of them walk on the same tightrope. This story begins with their complicity and their mutual understanding.

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