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The wolf of Wall Street

By Carmen Vila


Terrible. In this way I define the scene in which DiCaprio crawls along the ground because of the drugs’ effects, as he would have cerebral palsy. Meanwhile, his little daughter, looks at him relayed on the door… He watches the television where the Popeye’s cartoons are on.

Scene 1

I met the cerebral palsy a lot of years ago, when I worked for the first time in a press agency. There, where I started as a trainee, I had the luck to make a great friend who is called Maite. She conceded me her first interview, “because I made a good impression on her“, something that surprised me because she spent lots of years working in the agency. She, a psychologist, worked in the Documentation Department because her involuntary movements didn’t allow her to make other activities. 

Later, I was transferred to other Department, where I knew the cerebral palsy more in depth, through a paper publication of a state reference NGO, where I knew a great friend, Rocío, who taught me the more important lesson in my life: “Sometimes, you should not be so generous because people aren’t as honest as you”.

Rocío can only move with ease her head and the right hand, after she has worked in an important position in Castilla y León. Nowadays she is still looking for a job. She hasn’t been offered a new opportunity.

When I came back to the profession which I like most, journalism, she requested me to help her: “You should make a blog about cerebral palsy, dear”… Who else?

Cerebral palsy is one of the more terrible disabilities from which I learnt a lot during many years. Leonardo DiCaprio plays with such a majesty that I take off my hat and I would vote him, if I could, as the best actor of the year… And we are still in January.

Looking back I realised that I haven’t missed any of his films. I remember This Boy’s Life (1991) like so clearly that I recognise I fell in love of those green-blue eyes that leave you absent-minded during a time. The Basketball Diaries, Marvin’s Room, Romeo and Juliet. Yes, as Romeo, he started to captivate me. “This boy promises”, I remember to tell my colleague C, who is always unconditional about seeing DiCaprio.

His face of innocent young boy turning up in a more profound one who convinced the espectator. Although we still had to suffer Titanic and The Man in The Iron Mask, and many reference well known critics faulted him as “so childish”.

Yesterday, as soon as I left the cinema, where I went alone and sat down in my dear fifth row, I wondered in which film I started to be hooked on this blond-haired who is not inferior to Brad Pitt and many others, regarding as interpretation.

The best of DiCaprio

  1. Gans of New York (2002)

  2. The Wolf of Wall Street (2014)

  3. Shutter Island (2010)

  4. Django Unchained (2012)

  5. The Great Gatsby (2013)

  6. Blood Diamond (2006)

Congratulations, DiCaprio. I would like to interview you anyway, anytime.

Dedicate to Martin Scorsese, my idol, Claudia Tecglen and my Cea de Villota.


Film based in real facts about the New Yorker broker Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio). In the middle of the eighties, Belfort was a honest young man who pursued the American dream, but early, in the broker agency, he learnt that the most important thing wasn’t to make his clients earn money, but to be ambitious and earn a good commission. His enormous success and fortune when he was a slightly more than twenty years old as founder of a broker agency was worth the nickname of “The Wolf of Wall Street”. Money. Power. Women. Drugs. The temptations abound and the fear of the law was irrelevant. Jordan and his herd of wolfs considered that discretion was an antiquated quality; they never were happy with what they had. 

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