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Mi pequeña Chanceline

Esta es la directora de la película: Fina Sensada

Y esta, la intro a la misma: Mi pequeña Chanceline

En la actualidad, Sensada está sumida en otros proyectos como Twins, que le llenan de vida. Pronto verán la luz.

Muchas veces sobran las palabras. En este caso he querido recoger los testimonios clave que se desarrollan en el filme, y en inglés, para que lleguen al mundo entero. Be water, my friend.

Con todos ustedes, Mi pequeña Chanceline. África, más cerca.

Hospital Regional de Mondou
3 kg, 800 gramos
“It’s the enviroment what is going to change around his house”

“On the Republic of Chad, 85% of children are borned at home. Most of them die in labour or in their early age. The survivors start a big struggle against the adversity of their enviroment”

Aids attacks
Polio Threatens
The are surrounded by Malaria
Burns are frequent
Congenital Malformations appear
Filling the country of handicapped children
Malnutricion and scarce education are awaiting them.

In the south of the country, in the middle of the savanna, between refugee camps and oldfields lives Albertine with her 7 children.

“The tibia is not there. It doesn’t exits”.

“The father dissapeared. The doctor has given me a little bit of peace and not resignation” (Albertine, Chanceline’s mother”.

I invent to eat
I invent for dressing
It’s not a lie

“Many times you loose the strenght but I have decided to go ahead, to go away”.

75 handicapped children

“The African women know than there is nothing more important than this (our babies). All our strengh must be for that. A dry woman is nobody, is less than a stone and on top of that, this damm”.

“They are magicians, that look with their hands and cure with their eyes” (Chanceline, 5 años)

“I think that our job is a factor, as I say the point of view of peace for the country. When I see that in the center there is people from all the etnias, from all the religions, from everywhere, that come to the center and live in harmony and it’s possible because between them there is a same hope of seeing handicapped person progress”, Father Michel, founder of the mission.

So do I. 😉

A Fernando y a Gloria Lora, con todo el cariño del mundo. Ganaréis!

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